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School considerations

20080407 23:36

When thining of going to college in EE, there are many options.  Dont make a mistake and go with the easy choice.  Surveys prove that most graduates end up working in the same area as their school.  So think about where you want to end up.

 Also, some schools have better financial aid programs.  Check out what your top schools have to offer.  It may be best to stay in the state of your current residence, as many schools have in-state tuition that is much less than out-of-state tuition.

 Another consideration is graduate school.  Many schools make it harder for you to enter their graduate school if you got your undergraduate degree from them.  the idea is that they want some diversity, so they make it easier for gradutes from other schools to get in to the gradute programs.  So you may want to think about 1) do you think you may want a graduate degree?  and 2) where would you want to get your graduate degree?  These days a gradute degree is a necessity for some of the better jobs.